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Enterprise spirit:

pioneering and enterprising, strategic development, United struggle, rapidness and effectiveness, honesty and friendship.
Dongguan Mingdake Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, specializing in the processing of various types of automatic lathe parts, CNC lathe parts, CNC milling machine parts, stamping parts, special-shaped fasteners and springs.

Business philosophy:

Improve process quality and create excellent value
To survive with high quality, to development with high efficiency, always maintain the first principle of customer, and wholeheartedly meet customer needs

Enterprise core values:

1.Customer first 2.Achieve self-worth 3. Innovation and pragmatism 4. Honesty-based.
Customer first: customers are the food and clothing parents, without which the company will have no chance of survival .
Realizing self-worth: Anyone can show his talent and realize his life value through his own efforts.
Innovation pragmatic: doing practical things, not empty talk, not superficial articles, and striving for perfection.
Honesty-based: keep faith and promise.

corporate vision

Be a world-famous parts supplier.